Warmer Temperatures Arriving in Midwest and Northeast This Weekend

Relief is on the way for residents living anywhere in the Midwest and Northeastern states over the weekend. After undergoing what is called a “polar vortex” for the past week, people are more than glad to welcome some warmer temperatures. This cold snap has provided north-central states with subzero temperatures and heavy accumulations of up to a foot in some regions. By Sunday, these states will warm up and the snow will begin to melt. This change in the temperature is caused by a change in the air-pressure pattern. A jet stream of milder air is headed to merge with this swath of brutally cold air, forcing this cold system back into Canada. To many residents, this will mean putting away the snow-blowers and shovels away-for now.

Temperatures above zero will be welcomed this weekend, especially in the Ohio Valley which was one of the most impacted areas. This is the first time in almost a week that temperatures will climb above zero, and it is safe to say that many residents will be happy to hear the news. All of the Midwest and Northeast will be experiencing a rise in temperature as well. The Dakotas, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are predicted to have average highs by Sunday. By this weekend, the Ohio Valley will jump up to 50 degrees or more.

As we move farther into the weekend we will see that the temperatures continue to rise to above average highs. There is a potential for flooding on the East Coast, and that is because of the substantial jump in temperature which will cause run-off from rivers and streams. Unfortunately, this warm weather will not be sticking around for too long. Another cold snap is set to hit the U.S by the middle of next week which will cause some issues. When these two cells merge, it could cause strong thunderstorms that could affect the Carolina’s as well as Florida. Pockets of freezing rain could also occur in New England as well.

Unlike the polar vortex that ravaged half of the country over the week, this cold front will be much milder temperature wise. The East Coast can expect temperatures into the 50’s and highs in the 60’s, while residents in the Midwest can expect temperatures in the 20’s to 40’s. This cell is still a couple of days away and these conditions may change. You should always stay tuned to your local weather authority to make sure you are updated on the most recent advances in the system in your area.

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